BrowseLayers Reference

Lists the layer metadata available for the user. Can specify folder(s) to browse on or give the layer name(s) specifically. If you specify both, 'layers' will have precedence over 'folder'.


Parameter nameTypeDescription
outputString The output type for the page. Possible types include 'XML', 'JSON', 'JSONXML', 'HTML', and 'CUSTOM'.
obsIdString (Required for JSON/JSONXML output) The object listening for the JSON callback.
obsSuccessMethodString (Required for JSON/JSONXML output) The JSON success callback function.
obsErrorMethodString (Required for JSON/JSONXML output) The JSON error callback function.
transformerString (Required for CUSTOM output) The XSLT to use to transform the XML output.
foldersComma separated alpha-numeric string Comma-separated folder(s) to browse layer on. Default: MY_FOLDER
layersString Lists only the matching layers specified. Comma separated.
showSchemaBoolean Set to true to see all the field definitions in the response layers. Default: true
archiveAlphabetic string Set to true to view any archived layers. Default: false


An XML of each layer's metadata.