SVGRasterizer Reference

Service to rasterize a Scalar Vector Graphic (SVG) file. Overrides may be specified in the query string itself as [SVG element ID]=[attributes and values].
E.g. SVGRasterizer.aspx?url=;opacity:0.5


Parameter nameTypeDescription
urlString(Required) URL of the SVG.
mimeTypeAlphabetic string The output image format. Only PNG is supported for now. Default: PNG.
widthPositive integer Renders the image using the given pixel width.
heightPositive integer Renders the image using the given pixel height.
sizeRatioPositive decimal The scale multiplier for the image. Can be used in place of with/height. Default is 1.0.
useRefBoolean If true, uses the reference point of an SVG as the center of the raster image. Default: false.


A raster image of the specified SVG file.