PublishLayer Reference

Queues a job to Publish a layer.

Publish creates a snapshot from transactional data to a spatial data set optimized for high volume access, minimizing cost per hit, maximizing end user performance, and maximizing data distribution and availability.


Parameter nameTypeDescription
outputString The output type for the page. Possible types include 'XML', 'JSON', 'JSONXML', 'HTML', and 'CUSTOM'.
obsIdString (Required for JSON/JSONXML output) The object listening for the JSON callback.
obsSuccessMethodString (Required for JSON/JSONXML output) The JSON success callback function.
obsErrorMethodString (Required for JSON/JSONXML output) The JSON error callback function.
transformerString (Required for CUSTOM output) The XSLT to use to transform the XML output.
layerString(Required) The layer to publish to.
emailE-mail address(Required) E-mail to use to send the notifications to.


An XML response confirming if the job request is successful or not.