LayerCreate Reference

Creates a layer given an XML definition. Ex.

  <Layer Name="MyLayer" PublicName="My Layer">
    <Description>This is my layer.</Description>
      <ElementType name="Row">
        <AttributeType name="ID" label="Identification" searchable="true" editable="false  ">
          <Datatype type="String" />


Parameter nameTypeDescription
outputString The output type for the page. Possible types include 'XML', 'JSON', 'JSONXML', 'HTML', and 'CUSTOM'.
obsIdString (Required for JSON/JSONXML output) The object listening for the JSON callback.
obsSuccessMethodString (Required for JSON/JSONXML output) The JSON success callback function.
obsErrorMethodString (Required for JSON/JSONXML output) The JSON error callback function.
transformerString (Required for CUSTOM output) The XSLT to use to transform the XML output.
definitionString The layer metadata definition in XML format.
includeGeometryFieldsBoolean Whether or not this layer includes geometry. Default is true.


An XML success/failure response.