GetByGeometry Reference

GetByGeometry will accept a geometry (Polygon/Line/Point) and return all the records intersecting that geometry. Supports Resource Chaining.


Parameter nameTypeDescription
fieldsComma separated alpha-numeric string Comma separated list of columns to return. Supports chained fields.
showSchemaBoolean Set to true to see all the field definitions in the response layers. Default: true
outputString The output type for the page. Possible types include 'XML', 'JSON', 'JSONXML', 'HTML', 'CSV', 'excel.sheet', and 'CUSTOM'.
obsIdString (Required for JSON/JSONXML output) The object listening for the JSON callback.
obsSuccessMethodString (Required for JSON/JSONXML output) The JSON success callback function.
obsErrorMethodString (Required for JSON/JSONXML output) The JSON error callback function.
transformerString (Required for CUSTOM output) The XSLT to use to transform the XML output.
dataSourceComma separated alpha-numeric string(Required) The name of the data source to query against.
geoWell-known text(Required) Well Known Text(WKT) Geometry to filter the results by.
geoBufferDistPositive decimal A distance to expand the geometry for a buffered search.
geoBufferUnitAlpha-numeric string The units used for geoBufferDist. Must be one of the following: 1 = mile, 2 = kilometer, 3 = meter (default), 4 = feet
returnGeoTypeAlpha-numeric string The returning geometry type. There are 3 return types.
  • 1 = geometry ( the whole geometry is returned)
  • 2 = none ( no geometry is returned)
  • 3 = centroid ( only centroid)
maxRecordsComma separated alpha-numeric string The maximum number of results to return. Comma separated link names and their maximum number of results to return may also be specified in the form LinkName(someNumber).
Ex. ...datasource=Parcels&fields=*,PropertyLocation(TAX_ID)&maxRecords=50,PropertyLocation(3)...
Means to return a max of 50 results for Pacels, and 3 results for the PropertyLocation link.)
sortRecordsBoolean Sort the results by distance from the geometry.
excludeFieldNameAlpha-numeric string The field name to use for the exclusion list (see exclusionFieldValues.)
excludeFieldValuesComma separated alpha-numeric string The exclusion list. This list is composed of comma separated field values. Any records matching this list will be excluded from the final result.
activeVersionIdAlpha-numeric string Query will be performed on published records and records pending by the specified active version ID.
viewInTimeString Format (optional hh:mm:ss): YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss. Gets a snapshot of the matching records at the specified point in time.


See Resource Chaining.